Grade 6

New Brunswick

Welcome home

Sam Mcwhirter
Mrs. Piron LA
November 4, 2016
Welcome Home
I wake to the sound of my aquarium, my fish swimming in and out! I get dressed, I go downstairs, my dog rushing towards me!!!She puts her paw on my hand! She clamps down on my hand and starts to lick me! I hear the TV, I see my brother, He has his fleece blanket! I turn on my phone, its 7:00 AM October 4th! We live in Fredericton NB its Tuesday and there’s no school on Thursday, Friday and Monday! In 45 minutes I have to go to school!

I go to school its cold outside today! I trudge through the forest! All I can here is <> from the mud and <> from the branches that slash my face and then I remember what my teacher told me ‘Some people don’t have homes and they live in the woods, in alleys and under bridges but most of all they are homeless. As I finally reach the front of the school, I see my friends its warm inside the school! I can’t wait to be home!!!

Finally I heard the best sound for a kid to hear in school, <> as the bell rung we were free to leave! I wave goodbye to my friends! I walk back through the woods it’s not so cold this time, there’s no more mud this time either!