Grade 6

New Brunswick

Welcome home

Georgia Mackay
Mrs. Piron / LA
November 4, 2016

Welcome Home

Today is Friday, I feel exhausted. After a long day at school, I hop on a bus to go home and
relax in my bed, but you know when you get on a bus and there are no more seats left and you’re like “COME ON “. Then you have to share a seat with two other people and it’s so crowded.
Then finally it’s my stop, so I get out of my crowded seat and I walk down the stairs and on the
last step I jumped onto the hard paved road and say “I’m free!” I sprint home as fast as I
can and jump right into my queen size bed and I pull the cozy sheets over me and say “I’m

After a little nap I say to myself “I’m a really lucky girl and some people don’t have a place to stay”. However, home is like anything a person could ask for because home is being thankful for everything you have like hot meals on the table, having clothes to wear and anything you can imagine that would be in your house.

A house is like your favourite blanket, because it keeps you warm and dry. I think everyone should have a place to stay. It doesn’t matter where you live as long as it’s home to you. In my house there’s always bursting in excitement and fighting over toys. When you have a home you feel secure and pleased for everything you have. A home is where you can store food then take it out and have hot and ready meals with your family. After eating, washing the dishes.

One of my favorite things about my house is FRESH LAUNDRY. I LOVE the smell of fresh laundry. If I have a bad day at school, I rush into my house just to smell my fresh laundry to make me happy. That smell of my fresh laundry makes me feel so comfortable and safe.

A home is where you feel safe and loved, and a place where you can warm up from a cold day. What would I do if I didn’t have a home? There are so many homeless people out there in the world. I think every person out there should have a place to call home.