Grade 6



The meaning of home

We all deserve to live under a roof

No matter what, we all have place where we all belong, and we call it home! Even if you’re homeless and sit there on the streets, it’s the city, the country, the place you’re in, still counts as home. Though there’s no roof over your head, it’s your home. You don’t need to live in such called “a house”, a home is the place you feel as home. But having that said we all deserve to have a roof to protect you from the weather, a roof that keeps you warm and safe. We all deserve to live happy, but with nothing to sleep under it’s hard to stay happy. But you just need to keep your hopes up and keep a smile on, and one day someone will come and give you the joy of living under a roof, and spending your days with your family all together. Next time you see a homeless person tell them that soon someone’s going to come and give you a roof to live under!
Just by writing this simple paragraph $10 will make someone happy!