Grade 6

Oakbank, MB

Through the Home of Love

Through The Home of Love!
I never thought how much home means to me until now. It feels safe at home with my family who protect me. I like the family that I have. They care for me and help me when I need help. You can trust them and they can trust you. After school, you always know that when you come home you are always loved by your family, and that they love you back. The sounds of my families voices sweet, lovely, and kind makes me feel happy.
It’s as warm as fire inside my house, what I mean is not too cold and not to warm. We have all that we need in our home. When I come home I could hear the sound of my dog, Roxy, barking not of sadness but of happiness that we are home. I like it when I come home, and there on the table is food provided for you, sometimes tasty noodles, or eggs with bacon, maybe even yummy cookies. They all taste delicious. It is a place where you make all your memories. Like when you move, you are all packed up, you would walk around looking at everything and laughing at all the good times you had. It’s your style or theme. If you have your own room or you share with someone, you could decorate your side of the room beautiful, pretty, or even girly.
It is good to live in a home not on the side of the street. My home means my home not anybody else’s. It is a shelter and you could stay warm inside. Also, you would have to respect the rules. You are responsible for the mess you make or the chores you have to do. When you grow older you can get your own privacy, like close the door behind you and do whatever (except make a mess) you want.
You have a Home, a Bed, and a Family, it is all nice and cozy. Also, you have a chair to sit on and a table to write on, don’t forget food and water. Finally, be thankful that you have these, some people don’t even have the simplest thing…LOVE.