Grade 6


Through the Backdoor

Through the Backdoor

Through the tall trees and down the driveway your home lies. You feel a shock of love as you enter your kitchen. As you walk closer to the oven you smell your fresh homemade blueberry muffins. A home is filled with love.

Through the door outside of your house. You remember celebrating your 2nd birthday, as you blow out the flickering candles. Where you sat to have your family dinners in the gloomy sunshine with all your aunts and uncles. Where you perched outside on the bright days and did your frustrating homework. When you are at home you should feel safe.

As you sit near the blazing fire. Where you compatibly played board games with your loving family. On Friday nights you eagerly watch the movie with popcorn splattered on your lap. In the corner of the cozy room where the needles start to tumble from the pokey Christmas tree. This is what home means to me.

On your way up the steep stairs you see some bedrooms. You turn into your bedroom, where you comfortably lay and read your jumping chapter books. You catch a sudden noise and you remember all the fish in the aquarium. They are all swimming speedy through the seaweed and plants. A home is a place with family.

When you head down the slanted hallway, you hear a sudden noise and you remember that’s where you printed most of your homework. Where the adults urgently phoned people for work. That is what a home means to me.