Grade 6

hazelridge, MB

This Is Where Memories Are Made

My living room is filled with family photos, the squared little birthday cards perched on the leathery colored shelves, and the cherished items from my ancestors from a long time ago.
The kitchen is where my family makes pastas, and cakes together. Try’s new things together and even when I say goodbye when I leave. My fridge is stocked with my old amusing artwork the colorful vases that me and my older sister made.
Where my bedroom is that’s where I get my rest for every huge day. I make new crafts that I saw on the internet and sometimes I would be surprised or unsatisfied. When I go to sleep I watch my clock tick that I had from my childhood that is a beautiful hot pink with my name written on it. A picture of me and my best friend which the frame has multiple of different words and multiple designs.
In my backyard with the astonishing view of the great long pine trees which are standing up proud. More of the beautiful stones that surround my fire pit and every time a throw a piece of wood into the pit a new memory is made. With a cut down shrubby tree with a face on it that always gladly has a huge smile on his face.
My home is filled with laughter and love that will forever be cherished.