Grade 4


This Is What Home Means To Me

Home means somewhere where love is found. Somewhere to go after a long day. Seeing your family everyday. You shower at your home, you eat at your home and you sleep on a comfortable bed every night. I’m thankful to have a home, but that’s not all what home means to me. People think it’s just a place to go to bed, but there’s more. Memories are made at the house you grew up at, and where you made the best of times with your family, friends and yourself. When you had a picture with your family and friends. Remember when you fell off your bike in by the fence, when you went on the swings with your best friends, when you ate outside on the bench and when you made a tree house with your family. Also remember when you had a pretend show for your family. Remember when you didn’t know how to unlock the bathroom door so you were stuck in there for 1 hour. If you’ve moved out to live with your own family, or moved to college or university, if you have time take a visit to your old house or your family and ask them what you did when you were younger. That’s what home means to me!