Grade 6


This Is What Home Means To Me

Delight, joy, and faith is what home feels like. The living room is a fabulous place to happily play family games, watch movies with family and friends, and just sitting and talking. My living room has sweet memories of family game night getting existed or disappointed when I win or lose. I love Hearing the kettle whistle in the morning. Watching peculiar movies with my family and munching on popcorn on the couch. In the living room there are pictures of my loving family it has a large picture that my grandma painted and many heartwarming memories. That is what home means to me.
The pleasant kitchen has some wonderful pictures that I draw it has a picture of my grandpa taking a picture that reminds of him because he loved taking pictures. Kitchen to me has memories of coming in from a freezing day of playing outside and coming in to the smell of steaming hot chocolate and the sound of the timer going off. In my mind when I think of the kitchen I thing of making candy cane cookies every year for Christmas. That is what home means to me.
When I think of the word bedroom it reminds me that if I am blue I can go in my room and think about what happened. I have sweet memories of playing games with my friends after we just woke up from a sleepover. The bedroom means to me that I can have a sense of relief coming home from a tough day at school. My bedroom is the joy of waking up to the sound of my mom coming into my room to turn off my alarm in the morning of a snow day. That is what home means to me.