Grade 6

Saint Laurent


This is my home,
a place where you spend time with family and friends.
I think that kind of friendship never ends.

Your home is where you feel all your different feelings.
It keeps you safe with its floors and ceilings.
If I didn’t have such a great, cozy place to stay,
where would I go after my school day?

Home is the place I really love.
Sometimes it can be as rough as a tiger
and sometimes it’s as peaceful as a dove.
It is one of the places that I’ve been in the most.
It is where I help bake cakes and make myself toast.

Home is the best place out of all.
They can neither be too big nor too small.
Wait, what is that? It cannot be.
Not everyone is always quite like me.

What does that mean? They don’t have a home?
I guess they just sit, wander and roam.
How is it true? I don’t know.
How can they live through that cold, cold snow?

So in total what is true
is that homes are perfect for me and you!