Grade 4


This is my home by: Krithigan. T

This is what home means to me. I feel safe, make memories, and I play with friends. I feel safe because my kind parents are home, there are security guards and security cameras. I have my own room, and some people don’t have their own rooms, this makes me very fortunate. My room feels safe for me because if a criminal gets in, I can go in my room and lock the door. For this reason my home is safe and reassuring. Also my home brings me special memories about the past. For example, my best friends used to come to my house to play. My second memory is I learned how to walk at my house and also have memories of when I was in my crib. My last memory is of getting a Bugatti for Christmas. My home is the place I make my memories. A home is a place you can invite your friends. Friends come over to my house for birthdays and to play. At home you can share life and play with others. I can play with my friends, have memorable memories, and feel safe.