Grade 6

New Brunswick

This is Home!

This is Home!
BOOM! I sprint up the stairs and slam my bedroom door after my parents tell me and my brothers that we’re moving to Fredericton, NB. I lay on my bed devastated, trying not to cry as I think about all the friends and memories I will lose. Now, after 6 years in New Maryland, NB all I really remember is my home, where all the Christmas mornings and birthday parties are. With new years and memories, new friends and old acquaintances. But sometimes, not everyone has a home.

After we sold our old house, we head off to Fredericton. Trotting down the highway we drive with the huge white moving truck behind us.

We COULD NOT find a house. We looked up and down for a house that we could call home. I think that we spent too much time looking for a house that was exactly like our old house, despite that fact that we should have been looking for a house that made us think “this is home”. We had to live with our grandparents for 7 months. It took a long time before we could find a home because everyone wanted something different in the house. I think my mom’s opinion was the most important. Every time we liked a house something went wrong. I didn’t know when I would ever get to sleep on my own bed again.

Living with your grandparents isn’t that bad. Especially when your grandmother is a baking master! I think it was harder for my mom than it was for me. One time after school I came home and asked my mom, “Mommy, why don’t we have a house?” I knew that my mom was sad because of the look on her face right after I said it. It was one of those times that I wish that I could grab back my words when there were in the air on their way to my mom’s ears. I knew we were going to find a home but I didn’t know when. But for now, I knew that my grandparents’ house was going to be my home until we found the right one.

Home is where you feel safe, where no one judges you. Home is where you love, cry and laugh. You get along and have sibling rivalries. Where you curl up with a cozy blanket by the fire place. Home is where you throw yourself on the couch after a long, exhausting day at school. Home is peaceful and very chaotic at the same time. I know it’s my home when I see soccer and basketball equipment thrown on the floor. I love my cozy bed sheets on my own bed. Lost remotes and pillow fights for the PS4 controller. I love my home and everyone in it.

To conclude, this essay taught me to not take anything for granted and I hope it taught you the same thing. I want you to take this essay and be inspired to smile, talk, or give to the poor and not take your money, house, or clean clothes for granted. I challenge you, anytime you see a homeless person, give money, food, water, clothes or even just a smile. The smallest of efforts can make a big difference in people’s lives. Just remember we are all human so treat everyone the same. How would you feel if you had to live on the streets because you don’t have enough money? How would you feel if every time someone walked by you they got this weird look on their face? How would you feel?