Grade 6

Fort McMurray

This is Home to me

Home is where all the memories had begun when your first born to live your dash. You go school and come back, you see the same house, you love the smell and you are really thankful for your home. As you grow up you become responsible and take care of your home months after months there could be a disaster and you have to leave your home. You get worried if it is okay or not. It could be gone or still there or for the other people there’s might be gone but they may stay positive and still keep the memories. When the new ones are built you get memories, but you still keep the old ones in your head. When you go to University or College you remember home day and night. When you graduate you have to go home where your dash started. We all should be thankful for our home even the rich and poor should be thankful.

This home to me

By Aditya Kesari
Christina Gordon Publio School
Fort McMurray, Alberta