Grade 5


This Is Home

Home is a calming place to relax in. All the houses are all different with or without
Style. Once I took a deep breath in the fresh walls of my house I was nervous of how long its gonna last.

A home is not just for your self, it’s for everyone you love and care about. A home is a special place to celebrate with your family and others.

Millions of people around the world are homeless, poor and some of them don’t even have any thing to make them smile. And most of them are 1 whole family with kids that need education food and water including the parents they need as much stuff as their kids.

A home can be a house or an apartment or even a hotel, a home can only be a home if you call it home. As long as your happy about your self, you can live happy

When I was in the Philippines every time we move to a different house we would take apart of the house and put all the furniture in out big truck and every night I and my family would sleep at the back.

Homeless people have to worry about a lot of stuff, like shelter, water, food, weather and the most important one, our Lives!