Grade 5


This Is Home

Home, is just a word that we use to describe where we live. Sometimes you will move to
A different home.

I’ve moved to different homes before, and I’ll admit it wasn’t my favorite thing to do,
because I grew up in my old homes. It was sad saying good-bye, but I
remember that not a lot people have what I have, a home.

People all around the world don’t have homes. A place where they’re safe
and protected, but they don’t have everything. It breaks my
heart, they will be cold without heat and
they don’t have beds.

People say a home is just a house, but what they don’t think of is that it can
be a mouse hole, a dog house, and almost anything.
Your home is the most important home you
can think of.

Your home protects you, it keeps you away from danger the cold, you might
think it’s not special, but if you really think about it, you’ll
find it special.

People who don’t have a home are on the streets, maybe even asking to stay in
other homes.

I want people to have a home whether it’s a cabin, a cottage, or even a regular home.
I think everyone needs a home, somewhere they can live somewhere
where they’re safe and warm.

Everyone deserves a home so I want to give them the home that they deserve.