Grade 6


this is home

This is my home
Imagine walking in your house and it doesn’t feel like your normal home? What dose home mean to you? To me home means everything. It has the best interesting smells from the cooking of porgies soup to my brother’s body odor and the amazing memories. Home is where you walk in your house after school each day and see your mom or dad making delicious dinner or where you walk in and see your parents watching boring TV.
Do you know the feeling of falling asleep in your own home feeling safe? Think that some people don’t have that. To me home has special important things that you have that makes your home a home. My special thing in my house is a roster that represents my lovely culture. In other words home is everything home is your joyous life. Home is where you know the routine.
To me home is my cozy place
To me home is where I belong
To me home is highly amazing