Grade 5


There’s No Place like Home

There’s No Place like Home
Bethany Nakai
November 2016
There’s no place like home. At home there is a place where you get to sleep and snooze on top of a bed and under covers. At home you get to make happy, sad, mad, weird, silly, and most memorable memories. You share your home with your loved ones, even without a house. A home is a place where you can stop domestic violence. It’s also where you can avoid mental illness by talking to people who care for you and showing their love for you. A home is a place that can be a life saver for you and your family. It’s where you can provide each other love and care to bring their heart back from pieces to a whole again. I think everybody needs a home because “Mankind is no island”. It means everybody needs others to meet their needs and be treated fairly.