Grade 5


There’s no place like home

When you have a house and add some love you get a home. My explanation of a home is…
A place where there is food, clothes, toys, a loving caring family, my own room, a kitchen, a bathroom a family room, etc. Other’s perspectives however, might see a home as having only one person living in it, one room, (likely made out of cardboard) he/she on the streets begging for food, ripped torn clothes, no family, feeling lonely, nowhere to go. We are very lucky there’s no place like home. Home is where the heart is. Home is where we go when we are happy or, sad or, mad or, excited or even hungry. Home is a place where you take your first selfie, get your first phone. Home is where you celebrate thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, Easter, your birthday your brother or sisters birthdays etc. Home is home and nothing or no one can stop that.