Grade 6


There’s No Place Like Home

There’s No Place Like Home

“A house is built of wood and stones but only love can make it a home.” To me a home is somewhere you belong and a place where you can express yourself. My opinion is that everybody should have a warm and loving home and only you can make it a home.
A home is made of love, having a home is important because everybody should have a place where they feel loved and cherished. Everybody deserves to have a home whether they are mean or nice. “There is no place like home”
I really feel heartbroken for people, children and adults, who can’t feel the same feeling that I feel when I am at my wonderful home.

Help people in need
Open your heart
Me and my family belong
Everybody deserves to have a home where they feel loved

At my home I am able to be whoever I want to be without being judged. At my home I am spoiled, I never knew that until I noticed what I really have compared to others. I have a house, a home, a loving mom and dad who cherish me, a best friend, a family who cares and a safe place where I feel I belong. I love, my home where I feel safe.
I love to support food banks because when I give it makes me feel happy that I am giving and helping others instead of just myself.
To me a necessity is having a home.