Grade 6


There’s No Place I’d Rather Be

There is no place like home. To me a home is where you remember and make silly, weird, crazy memories. I remember a particularly funny time. When I was home alone I decided that I wanted to make a yummy berry smoothie. So I got the ingredients out milk, vanilla ice-cream and of course berries. Then I plugged in the smoothie maker and lightly turned it on and BOOM THE Berry smoothie went everywhere all over our white counter tops and up on our 10 foot ceilings. There’s still blue and purple on the ceilings to remind me of this funny memory.
Who would have thought how much trust and love you can build up in a home? No matter how disrespectful people are you can always come home to your caring family. They will always be there loving and supporting you. Just like the berry smoothie thing my parents were a little angry but they still loved me and always will.
To me a house is anything and anyone’s. A home is your unique piece and it means absolutely everything to you. You are joyful and could be a tiny bit depressed at your home. But you are at your home.
You might be surprised on how I remember all these crazy weird hilarious memories. Well I can’t be myself I have helping hands from my team. I love my family so much. But I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have my home. There’s no place I’d rather be!