Grade 6


There is no place like Home

There is no Place like Home
There is no place like Home! In fact, some people feel safe in a dome! Some people have mansions and some people can’t even go on vacation. There is so much poverty. That can be fixed, slowly, but surely, it will happen. But only if people help. There are not that many people having the time of their life. There are people without things, such as comfort, warmth, health, safety, and even love.

There is a short film about poverty where a little girl and her mother are sitting on the street asking for money. A man comes over and gives them 100$. The next day he goes back and the girl is gone. He turned around and there she was with an education and clean clothing. It was sad when I saw it. There are people with big houses that don’t even care about the poor. But there are people who care and say come in, And open the door. Winter is coming and they are dying very slowly in the cold. Never give up and never be afraid I once was told. But there is no other place that anyone likes more than home. There is no place like home.