Grade 6

New Brunswick

There is No Place Like Home

Home. That one word. To some people, that word means your floor, your wall, and your bedroom. Except home is more than that. Home is where you feel loved, accepted, and comforted; where you feel the warmth and bond of your family; where you smell a fire on a cold winter’s evening and hear the birds on an early summer morning. Home is your safe place where you can depend upon to feel happy. Painted drywall and wooden floor boards are your house. A house is a form of shelter. It becomes a home when it shelters the people you love. Your family. But, unfortunately, this is only a fantasy for some people. No shelter, no safety, no security. But by working hard together to build one or fix one that has fallen into disrepair, communities can make this happen for a family in need. We should all care. Everyone deserves the joy that a home brings. Because that is where you do almost everything and no matter where you go, remember your home, because you must always know, even if you feel complete, home is where the heart of your family beats. For there is no place like home.