Grade 4


The Word Home

A house is just a building but a home is much more. A home is created with love and family. I think the word home is very special but sadly, not everyone has a home. Unlike me, I have two homes, each one is different in its own way, in a good way. However, it is very depressing that not everyone has a home. It is hard to change it so that everybody could have a home but a whole lot of people try to change that including me, and I know of course I am just a kid, but I do have family that is older and they can help make a difference.
If you have heard the expression: ‘There is no place like home,’ well, if you have it is true. At home you get to enjoy yourself and have fun. You get to have meals with your family, well at least some of your family. It is nice how you can just talk to people you love and if you are sad, they will find a way to make you smile and laugh. It is really nice to have a home, and that’s what I think the word home means.