Grade 6


the wonderful home

The Wonderful Home, a place where you won’t feel alone,

A home is a place to feel okay,
A place where you and your family like to play,
But some people don’t have this you see?
Some people live in alleys, on streets, and occasionally, trees.

We can help this cause together,
Give people a home,
Give them a bed so they don’t sleep on stone,
Give them a place to make memories,
Give them a place to hang out with buddies.

Poverty is a problem for many people,
It’s kind of like having a church without a steeple,
It just isn’t right,
But with your help we can put this to an end,
And to the homeless, a message to send:

A message of love and care,
And that many people want to share,
Not all people are really greedy,
We like to give to the needy.

You love your home on a cold winter night,
It’s always a warm, welcome sight,
Give people a chance to have a home,
And their hearts will never be alone.