Grade 5


The welcoming Atmosphere in my Heart

The Welcoming Atmosphere in my Heart
November 23rd 2016
This is a place where you can relax and piece together Scenic puzzles. This place is called a home, you might think a home is just different phrasing for the popular term house. A house is just the property, the walls and the roof over your head. A home is not a house for it is the special design in the pure feeling that you belong. A home is where you can leave your mark and enjoy your furry and not furry friends and family. A home is a place where you can make Priceless jokes, you can enjoy your present family, and enjoy new additions. You are able to hug your golden retriever without somebody saying ” no dogs allowed”. Some days you just have to sit down and relax. You do your homework ,that you hate you don’t know this now but if you study you can go to Harvard and become a nurse or a zoologist . Little do you know that you do this all in your home. Now imagine not even having a roof over your head, money or a job. That is what a homeless person goes through on a daily basis. I can never imagine not having all the wonderful things in a home, can you? I love having a home
to decorate two months before Christmas. you must love the positive energy that sways into the air you breathe in when you enter your home. We need to get homeless people the home that they truly deserve. if you can write , you can help.