Grade 4

Nova Scotia

The true meaning of home

Meaning of Home

Home is someone you can depend on.
Home is where you have no worries.
Home is honorable.

Have you ever had the chance to do something amazing but it’s just not gonna happen? That’s how it began. I was the paper bag princess and I was ready.

First, I got on my costume. All ready for the start of the evening. In other words it was Halloween night, and me and my sister got a head start on my mom.

I had been waiting for this moment for so long! All the houses we passed had amazing decorations and it looked so real! Sometimes it makes me wonder if this is actually happening.

Once we really started trick or treating, I wasn’t feeling very well but I continued on, convinced I would get better.

Soon enough, I was cold and sick. I decided to go to a few more houses than call off Halloween and go home. “This is not fair!” I told my mom. “ Everybody else is outside having fun!”

After mom brought me to are house, I was accompanied by my grandmother, because the rest of my family was outside trick or treating. I was not. Then i became very stressed. Was I really gonna sit around all Halloween? Then I realized, I was.

Much later, while I was watching my sister practically have a sugar rush over how much candy she got, my mom came over and handed me a bag. inside the bag, was candy. A small amount of it, but I was pleased. Not because of the candy but because of the fact that even though I wasn’t with them they still thought of me. Then, on that day, I realized that this is what “Home” means to me.
Now I see that I was being a little bit selfish, because not everyone has a home to celebrate in, and learn wrong from right. Maybe they don’t even have a family. But I see now I am very lucky and that the meaning of “home” can be different for everyone.