Grade 5

Nova Scotia

The true meaning of home

Home is hanging out with the family that you rarely get to see. Home is not a house with four walls and a roof, not an apartment. It’s somewhere that you can be yourself.

“RACE YA!”, I yelled to my cousin. We were racing to the playroom. We made a deal that whoever got there first could choose what we played. She won, but only because she was little and I let her win.

First, she ran over to a big box of dolls. After a few seconds, she went over to the Megablocks and started to lift them out one by one. I told her that we should carry the whole box so we did.We carried the box to over by the bookshelf. She was starting to build a tower out of red blocks. There were lots of other blocks that weren’t red around the base of her tower.

Then, I started to build a house out of yellow blocks. There were three walls and part of a roof so that I could still see inside. It was a masterpiece! I looked at it for a while to see what I could add. There was one thing missing… a chimney! I started to build one. “Just one more piece!” I said, under my breath. There were no more yellow pieces!

After searching the whole room, I saw the last piece. It was at the base of my cousin’s tower! I wondered if I could get it without her noticing. I snuck over to the base of her tower. I laid one finger on the yellow block. She saw me! I realised that she had been watching the whole time.

She screamed “I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU WOULD DO THAT, WHY WOULD YOU DOOO THAT” Those were her first words in the last half hour. After all, she was two and still pretty quiet.

It’s important to have house and a home because a house provides physical protection but a home provides mental protection from your worries.