Grade 6


The Traditions of my favourite home

Home is filled with many endless traditions. Homes have many traditions. These are some of the traditions that are in my family that center around Christmas. Every Christmas day my sister and I put milk, cookies, and carrots out for Santa and the reindeer. This tradition has been in my home since I was pretty much born. Another tradition during Christmas is on Christmas day. On every Christmas day my sister and I wake up then go wake up our parents. We wake them up then go to our inviting snowman decorated family room and open our stockings. After we go to our over decorated 12 foot artificial pine Christmas tree. We open presents then usually play with them until family comes over for Christmas dinner.
Most Easters we are at home so my sister and I wait in our rooms until 9:00 am then go wake up our parents. Before we go to our kitchen where we open our Easter gifts. Then we go look for the chocolates hidden around our loveable home. Sometimes we have Easter dinner with my mom’s side of the family. When we do my sister and I usually hang out in the basement.
Valentine’s Day is kind of weird for us. It is weird for us because it is my sister’s birthday. My sister’s birthday is usually when my family goes on vacation so we go out for dinner to a place of her choice.
Our family traditions always change it’s been a while since something has changed in my family. I like things to change but I also like things to stay the way they were like when I was younger.