Grade 6


the that loves you

the home that loves you

Love is hearted, haters for none, everyone loves you family, community and also Friend’s. You were made to be happy not sad, mad or hungry. You are beautiful then haven pray for those that are forgotten. Happy, sad or mad no matter who you are always be happy. People in the world need lots of help it is either war, thrust, no home or starvation and lots more. Don’t feel bad for those who don’t get necessary what they want. All you got to do is donate any wear! Soon hopefully everyone will feel the same way. Don’t treat people bad if you want to be respected always treat other people how you want to be treated. Please donate then you will go to haven.
‘’are’’ you happy? Happy for what?! To have a home to live in, so everyone has a home? No! Sorry but that’s not true, people don’t even don’t get to eat! Did you know that kids all over the world die in about 1.3 seconds just amgine that happening in Canada it would offal it is because of starvation, always be happy on what you have food, water, electric, lights, free education and most of all you have a home. Oh sorry, I didn’t know that, for now on I will start to donate food or money to people who don’t have home or if someone ask me I will give them all the time.
Family is first thing you should love. They care for you they are friendly and they love to more than your best friends or others. There like your teachers except they know more. They want s you to learn lot like your family