Grade 6


The Story of Home

Once upon a time there was a family called the O’Hara. The family lived in a small town called Folks Will, the family was poor and there was a super gigantic, big storm coming there way. The O’Hara family was not prepared for the storm and the storm came and destroyed their home, they were devastated. The storm was gone and the family did not have enough money to get another house to live in. The family was so sad because all of their precious things were, wet, and smashed to smithereens. The family started to cry because all of their loved memories were faded away, and their clothing, the things that made them comfortable and relax was gone. Their food was destroyed too. Then one day a family named the Foster family saw the O’Haras and felt bad for them and went home and called a real-estate agent and bought a house for rent for the O’Haras, and after a few days the Foster family went to the wrecked house and gave the family the keys for their OWN HOUSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!. The family got so happy, excited and joyful that they got a home again. They couldn’t stop saying thank you to the Foster family. The O’Hara family got in their new home and were able to be comfortable and relaxed again in their home