Grade 6


The Story of Home

One day there was a rich family that lived in a small house. Even though they were rich and had enough money to buy a giant house, and they didn’t get a giant house.One day the dad in the family invited his friend to his house when the friend arrived at the family’s house the friend looked at the small house and the friend was surprised he thought the house would be giant because the family was rich. The friend later asked why they had a small house. The dad said that they had peaceful memories and their favorite things and they also would prefer living in the same home than going to a new house. The friend said that a home and a house are the same thing there just different words. Then the dad said “a home and a house were different because you?” know more about a home and it’s different in many different ways like you know more about a home than a house and you also feel more comfortable and you know your way around but you can feel scared in a house but it’s not like that in a home, you have a family to support you and you aren’t scared. A home is also like living in heaven you would sit down and relax and sleep peacefully and also you stretch out. A home is where you’re happy to be at. Finally a home is where you have someone to support you for doing homework and studying”. Then the friend finally understood why they had a small house and said that even though it doesn’t look good for them it is what there home is.