Grade 6

New Brunswick

The Real Meaning Of Home

Mehak Banday
Mrs.Gallant / LA
November.4/2016 The Real Meaning Of Home

A white car zoomed past a small park and took a slow right. The sun flickered as the car drove past the trees. Then, it slowed down and pulled into a driveway. I grabbed my bag and hopped out of the car,after that, I pushed open the white door. My sister was on our Tablet in the sunroom, the sunlight shining on her silky hair. Finally, I was home, But it’s not like this for everyone.
Not everyone has a home or shelter. Instead of seeing school buses passing by from your window, they see car and trucks leaving a trail of dust from the sidewalk or a small shack where they live. But this isn’t our problem, right? I mean as long as we’re ok, everything’s fine right? Actually, no. Despite that we’re more wealthy than them, doesn’t mean we should just turn our back on these poor people, they’re humans too, they deserve thing as much as we do.
Even if they do have a house, or a somewhat good shelter, they might have trouble paying for other things like food,furniture and taxes. And if they have kids, it would be even harder for them to pay for their stuff. These people might not have or are not able to get a proper education, and who knows, someone that’s in the same room with you could be a homeless person in a few years or even months. Just because they aren’t now, doesn’t mean that it couldn’t happen. It could happen to anyone and everyone.
There’s a saying, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” so something useless for you could help somebody else greatly. “But how do we find them and give it to them?” You may ask. Well you could donate it, and if you happen to spot somebody on the street, like with a sign of some sort, you could donate there too. Some people donate clothing and toys, while others just donate money, but you need to be careful of what fundraiser you give stuff too,especially money. These people could use it for other causes, possible even against these people.
I don’t have a personal experience with bit having a proper place to stay, or not having a home at all, but I don’t like seeing others suffering. I don’t think it’s fair for some people to get everything, and more, while others are barely getting a proper place to sleep. And just because we aren’t suffering through it, doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t care. These people are humans too, they have feelings, they have emotions and they care for their young. And it might be our fault, we didn’t stop this before, so maybe we, are the reason homeless people still suffer, to this very day.