Grade 5

Nova Scotia


Have you ever been so excited to get something you couldn’t wait another second? That’s how I felt when I was lying in my bed waiting until 6:00 that’s the time that I can get up so once it was 6:00 I rushed downstairs and started waiting for my breakfast and shortly after I was sinking my teeth into some juicy delightful syrup covered pancakes they were so so delicious I just wish it wasn’t so filling so that I could have more also pancakes are my favorite breakfast and that’s why I was super excited to get up. Shortly after devouring my pancakes I started to play video games with my friend William. The pancakes were so good I could taste them for hours.

Whenever i’m at my grandparents I feel amazing they love me so so much with all their heart they always spend a lot of time with me and play games with me they take really good care of me when i’m sick I always have so much fun at their house it’s like i’m in a dream where everything is amazing I love going there on the weekends and the food I eat there is awesome and they make me all the foods that I like and sometimes they give me Doritos and cookies my grandparents are so loving and i’m always so excited to go to their house on Fridays.