Grade 6


The Poem of Home

Home is where family is. Home is great. A home has memories that you will never forget. A house has 4 walls, a door and a roof, but a home is filled with love, peace and food. Home is calm and has peace. It is a place where you celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. A house has a fridge, a kitchen and TVs, but a home is a place where you will never be lonely. Home is a place where I feel special and where I feel like I can settle. The homeless need food, a house and shelter too. You can make it happen with the power of words. Even the homeless have a voice that need to be heard. Home is a place where you have love in your heart. A place with family and you’re never apart. Homeless people matter too. All they need is someone like you! Be a friend or a helping hand. Give them a house, a home on land.