Grade 4

Nova Scotia

The Place You Call Home

The Place you call Home

The meaning of home is something you feel when you walk through the door after a long day of work.It could be school or teaching what ever it is you still get that feeling of home.

It feel like the day you just moved in a fresh new place to put your feet up and relax for a bit getting comfortable in a brand new place.

You get to breathe fresh air when you come home feeling like you just got up still in your bed not wanting to get up from such a cosie place.

When you are home you do not want to leave the beast ,most fun place in the hole interior world.the place that you play games,eat pizza,and watch movies with your family.

You will find that home is a special place when you leave you look at the wonderful place the place that you keep all your memories in the place you live in.

The beautiful place where you get tucked into bed saying goodnight and those dreams in your head.

A place you need to survive the through the weather cold,warm,cool,freezing, and burning home is still the place you go when your nose is bleeding.

Home is a place where you are allowed to cry and be scared because your mom,dad and brothers are there for you ready to help you wherever you are.

Home is where you give a helping hand to all who live with you because as I said this place is a special place because it’s the place you call home.