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The Park Road Home

The Park Road Home
The P.R.H is my home and means to me having a bed to sleep in and food to eat and a family to live with.

My kitchen is a big, huge and foody place where you make food for your family and friends, also looking out the window for pretty birds as plane as day. With the smell of sweet bread out of the oven, the kitchen is definitely one of the best rooms of all.

My living room is a huge, relaxing and comfy place where you make memories with laughs and happiness all throughout this room. This is another place to make new friends and people. I would rate this room 10 out of 10.

My bedroom is a place where I spend time sleeping as well as dreaming at the black of night. You hope not for nightmares for a not so great sight, this not just a sleeping place also, but exciting as bright as day. This is the another room of all.

This is my home forever. I will be day
after night. There no place
I’d rather be.