Grade 6


The Object

The Object
The soft blueberry coloured fur. Tiny paws, a cute army hat slightly crooked on his head. About the size of a yogurt container with a blue camo blanket, het sat on my bed. He gave me cuddles when nobody else did. He waited for me everyday while I went to school. My stuffed teddy would always tip over by the time I got home. He’d have some fluff coming out of the patch that was supposed to be his ear. I would take him with me where ever I chose to go. He and I always go everywhere together. At home in the middle of the night we’d cuddle up together with my blue camo blanket drinking bubbly soda. I always spilled soda on him, he would get sticky and rough. After a while of having him with me his eye fell out. I bought him a blue and purple camo eye patch. He looked like a pirate and also at the time I was in love with pirates as I am now. I still have him and he means the world to me, but I have to give him up, so while I still have him I will stay with him.
Some people don’t have that object to make sure they feel at home. Something to give them that happiness. And that’s why I cherish have him, he is very special to me. His blueberry fur, tiny paws and the crooked hat on his head and he is my teddy bear. My feeling of home.