Grade 4

Fort Saskatchewan

The My Meaning Of Home

The Meaning Of My Home
Scarlet Ellis
Oct. 15 , 2016

Home reminds me of my family.
It’s where we share our sins and forgiveness. In my home, Learning is an important part of it too, one way we learn is by discipline. Although some people may possess over their belongings, my family possesses over sharing, and helping others we know and love. Inviting friends into our lives is an extra important thing to me. The feeling when My home welcomes me with warmth when coming in from the cold, always cheers me up. I love my family. I cherish my Mom, Dad and my brother. Lovingly we help eachother out. Home comes out to me as a loving place that takes me in from the stress of everything in our busy minds. Home is the most peaceful and quiet place i could ever be. When our pets come to joke around with lots of fun and games, it makes me feel warm, excited and accepted. To me, my home truly does mean family.