Grade 6

New Brunswick

~The Memories of Home~

~The Memories of Home~
I watched the shiny raindrops race down the window as the black minivan pulled on the driveway back in China.I was excited,a bit nervous at the same time,that I was back,where I belong.
My dad dashed as fast as he can to the back of the car and grabbed our suitcases,as we went up the apartment that we own,I brushed off the cold raindrops on my sleeves.I took a very deep breathe as my dad opened the door with the key,a big warm feeling went down my throat,suddenly I felt safe,I walked around,looking at the old pictures and books.
There were always food on the counter and in the fridge,candy,vegetables,& fruits in the basket made of straw. Later my mom called me for dinner,I drank the the steaming soup fast,the meal was the same from a bit a ago,it tasted better.
After I snuggled into my soft sheets,then I thought*the people who doesn’t have a home,still have families that they love,but they can’t visit them,is not like they don’t want to,is because they can’t,of course there’s people in this world would understand that they don’t have cozy sheets to go in at night,or eat a hot,delicious meal with their families,that’s the reason why the people who understand are trying to help*.
This is how I think home means to me,warm and comfortable,a home didn’t have to be big,it just have to be safe,and make you feel like you belong,no matter what.