Grade 6


The Meaning Of My Home

My home is different, well in my way it’s different. But to other people they

think it’s just a normal house. Here are some of my reasons that I picked, First shelter, second family,lastly memories. So here are my reasons

First, shelter is everything you need especially a roof over your head. Just imagine the people who don’t have a roof over their heads. Man I feel bad for them and that’s why I’m thankful. Secondly, my house keeps me warm and dry from any bad winter storms and from bad thunder and lightning storms. Lastly, my house keeps me and my family safe from all the bad things out there.

Secondly, family is the most important thing to me. First my house keeps my family happy and that makes everyone show love and hey care for each other. Next my house gives me comfort same with my family. They are both there when I need them the most. Last, my house keeps everyone in it happy. It Is like my house cares and loves everyone that comes and goes.

Lastly, good old memories. Memories are something we carry for life and it’s hard to forget them. First my house is important to me because i grew up there in my home and i’m thankful for that. Secondly i’m glad that i live with my family. My house is just such a good place to live in. Lastly, it’s so great to have family over it’s like my house spreads joy and laughter around.

I could’ve named more reasons of the meaning of my home but choose only these three. As Laura Ingalls Wilder once said,“Home is the best word there is!”