Sophia, Aynsley, Lavinia

Grade 6


The Meaning of home to us

Meaning of Home To Us

In our society there are many people who don’t have a place to call home, So that’s why we are so fortunate that we have a roof over our heads , food on our plates and clothes to wear. So to us home means a warm cozy place where we spend time with those who love us, a home is a safe community where we live our lives and respect one another, in unity with our world. Have you ever heard that saying “Home is where the Heart is’’ or “Home Sweet Home”? Our homes are where we feel safe and like these quotes say, your home is where your family is and where you create the most precious memories. It has an affect on you, as you have one on it. The reason why a home is so important is because you make lifelong friends in your neighborhood and work together as a community trying to get the world to work together for the better of us all. As one of our classmates says, “ A house is just a building, but a home is a feeling.”You share a habitat with every living creature human or not. No matter your faith or gender, your race or culture, we all live on this planet together. In our school we believe that every child and family deserves a home. Everyone in this world, society, galaxy or even universe deserves a home. Good or Bad, Age or Size or Color and Culture, in Canada, and together we can be a stronger community to give everybody a place to stay, since we are all equal. Nobody deserves to be left in the streets every body needs and deserves a ….