Grade 5


The meaning of home to me

Did you know that there is 1752 homeless people in just Edmonton?

I think that now that I have heard that I feel mad and sad.Homelessness is a very common thing around the world.Did you know that there some homeless people have to go to shelters but that is only for a period of time?That is why we have Habitat for Humanity.It is very sad to think that sometimes people don’t even have a home.

A home to me is where you can come home to a family who loves you and cares for you.My home to me is family it is where I sleep and eat and watch t.v with my family.A home is where your family is made,it is where I learned how to crawl,walk and talk e.c.t!A home is where you come when you are hurt or you want to be comfortable.

A home is where you can feel welcomed not just you but your friends and family to.For example when your friends come over for a sleepover or even when your family comes over.Home is where you spend christmas,thanksgiving and sometimes halloween.

Home is very welcoming and loving that is what I learned about the meaning of home.