Grade 6

Newfoundland and Labrador

the meaning of home to me

The meaning of home to me

The meaning of home to me is where I live and my family. In my house , there is a dad, mom, two sisters, one brother, a cat and a dog. At my house i go outside and play with my friends. And sometimes i just stay in the house and watch TV.

What i like to do at my house is to play soccer outside, and i like to play basketball, I like to also go on my rollerblades and my bike, and I love to go on my swingset. I love to also beat my sister in a game of soccer.

I have 2 pets, a cat and a dog named Mylie and Snowball. I like to throw my cat around and when she walks by me I put my foot out and I wipe her out onto her face and I laugh every time she lands on her face.I also like to throw my dog around on the couch.

Inside my house I like to just stay in my room and watch TV. I like to tease Ciara and randomly punch her in the shoulder. Whenever she walks up to me I just punch her.

In the summertime i like to go down to the river next to my house and have water wars with my brother and friends. And i almost got drowned once because my brother and his friend held me under water for a long time.

This is what i like to do at home for fun.