Grade 6

Victoria, BC
British Columbia

The Meaning of Home – Gabriel Wood

The feeling of home is so nice it is the nicest feeling of all.

Home is where you can be you.

Every home has its own unique smell.

My home is so comfortable and so is everybody else’s.

Extraordinary is the feeling that you get when you walk into a home.

A home is important in the way that it is a special place for whoever lives there.

No matter how you say it home still means the same thing.

In ways home is the place that you spend most of your life.

Nothing is as nice as the sensation of walking into a home.

Good not even great does not even begin to explain the feeling of home.

Of all the things in the world home is the best.

Forever you will want to stay in your home but one day you have to break out.

Home is a wonderful place where you feel safe.

Oder less to your nose but to others it is something else.

Most people’s homes are different but that is what makes a home a home.

Extraordinary is a good word for home and even that is not good enough.