Zhen jian

Grade 6


The meaning of home

Once upon a time, there was a boy called Kevin. He was a nomad that lived in China and therefore he had no house. One day, he moved to Toronto. But when asked where his home was, he still answered: the grasslands of Meng Gu. Kevin would explain that it was because Meng Gu was where he grew up, where his precious cattle would graze, and where he loved.

Once upon a time, on another distant land, lived a girl called Mercedes. But one day came the raging war of Syria. So young Mercedes fled her home and found shelter in America. But still, she would still say that her real home was still in Syria. Cause that’s where she grew up, where her friends were, and where she loved.

So, what does home, mean to you?
It’s like a warm cloud, passing through.
Through the storms,
To keep you warm.
Home is where you find love,
As if a burden was lifted off.
So home means,
More deeply than it seems.
Not just a shelter,
For many beggars,
But a loved place,
That has a peaceful pace.