Grade 6

Newfoundland and Labrador

The Meaning Of Home

In my opinion the meaning of home is the safety and comfort. When you walk in the door you can easily depict the smell of your home, the safety is almost as if your house is a creature, covering you in a blanket of warmth, comfort and security. Home brings you joy. A home is a place where you learn to crawl,walk,run and explore. Home is a place where families come together, make memories, talk, laugh, and maybe even cry. Home is a place where you share experiences with your beloved family members at the end of a long day.

As a sad reality not everybody can feel that blanket of security, they can’t talk and share experiences with family members after a long day. There is no warmth, comfort or even happiness.

Nobody seems to realize this.
There are people without homes. I am sure if everybody donated money to people sitting on the street, a small coffee cup in hand, asking for loose change, the wealthy would soon become the average, the average would stay