Grade 6


The meaning of Home

I say my home is the reserve but I lived in Saskatoon every scene I was 6 years old. It doesn`t matter where you were born, it matters if you have a home or a family.
I call my home the reserve because there is more memories than any other place in the whole entire world. The home that I know is a place with family, love, memories, and happiness. It`s home because of all of the powwows, sharing circles, hunting, and listening to the animals at night. I say the most memories are at the dinner table because that’s where the most laughter is from. When I was living on the reserve, every day we would hunt, we`d do powwows, and sharing circles until the moon would show. When I moved to Saskatoon the memories would never be good and only the bad ones would show. Now that I have my dream catcher the memories got better each day.
Inside a home that I say it`s important is a living room, a backyard, and a wonderful family. The living room is a place where families can come together as one and spent time together. It`s not only for spending time together it can be for reading, watching TV, or napping. At the end of every day, the living room is the perfect spot to seat around with your family and watch some TV. Next in line is the backyard. The backyard is very important because you can do whatever you want. You can play, you can even have a BBQ.
Everything you do or try it`s possible
Nothing in the world is impossible
You could have a cat
Or maybe a bat
I know I live in Saskatoon but I still call my home the reserve.