Grade 6


The meaning of home!

The meaning of home is where you are and who you are with. Your home is where you feel safe. If you don’t know what I mean by “the meaning of home is who you are with” here’s an example: My home is with my family members I feel loved and happy with them. And nothing can compare with that. Ur home is where you have everything you need and some things that you don’t need but you want. You can sleep at your home and knowing that you are safe

The meaning of home is a place where everyone has a happy smile, yes there will be up and downs but everyone will get through it. The sad thing is some people might not have a home or food or family members by their side…they might not even have a shelter. I believe that we can change that or try to. People who don’t have a home don’t feel safe. So let’s change that for good!