Grade 5


The Meaning of Home

House vs Home

A home is made out of love, hope and family. Its not what it looks like its about the memories. This my rhyme about my home. My home where people Rome and were I play with friends and family. I live on a bay and I really like to lay in my bed. I love to make a fort on Monday. It was called Mort’s.

A house is a place that you stay in. A house is walls, floor, paint, tvs, bed, and carpet. If a house caught on fire it would be sad. However a house can be bought or rebuilt. A home must be made with memories. The fire may have burnt the house but the home would be protected.

I bet you if I went home my mom would not laugh at me or make fun of me. If I fell down the stairs she would hug me. My mom dad, sister, brother love me and I love them back. Like when my sister had a fit over the IPAD. We didn’t laugh we helped her. All of those pieces and experiences make a house a home.

Now I know my house can change into a home in a second. As long as I have my family its a home. A home is made of love, hope and family. It’s not what it looks like on the outside.

By Jayden