Grade 6


The Meaning of Home

Home is a place where you can feel safe
As they take care of you they will always love you
Growing up can get really tough
Home is a place that no other place can compare
Safe to sleep and then you dream

It’s a place that you can never forget
A place where you eat and safe water to drink
A big sister or brother means forever
Friends and family will always care for you
The most memories that you’ll have is the time you love the most

When you look at home you say this is where I belong
At home you succeed in life
Every day is something new
You might have your ups and downs

The more memories you make the less memories you forget
You learn how to crawl and run
Home can let us make a change and feel were we belong
Home gives you a wonderful feeling
At home you’re not afraid
At home you have your first birthday
You don’t need to worry about the drama and problems in life
At home your family brings joy into your life

Home can mean forever or see you soon
Your home can be a part of someone’s life or it can be a part of yours
Everybody should share love, home and family
Everything and body in the world should share all of that.