Grade 6


The Meaning of Home

Home is a happy place where memories never fade away. Everyone there loves you for you not for what you do. Home is not where you live, it’s who you live with your mom, dad, brothers, sisters or even family pets they are the true meaning of home, sure a house is important but not as important as who lives inside of it. you may look at your family and friends and even maybe your house and think it’s perfect but you need to remember there is people in the world who need a little help these type of people don’t even have a true home they have family who really mean home to them but they have no place to stay. So go ahead lend a hand! Make someone’s day grand just a dollar or two will really help them out it will most likely make their day because they will really appreciate it. But even if you only give them a couple dollars its always the thought that counts especially in a time like a house you can learn and grow and help others do the same and so it’s very helpful if you could help someone out please know that you have the choice to change the world take a stand for the people who can’t the people who don’t have places to stay they really need it. And if you help and even do a random act of kindness it will be like a cycle never ending you help someone out then they will help people who also need a place to live, and that’s another reason why it’s very important to give people help if they need it more then you. Some people get very, very sick and ill but can’t afford the treatment to care for themselves and these are the people who need help