Grade 6


The Meaning of Home

The Meaning of Home

My home is where I live.
But others may not agree to live where I live.
Because they have their own places not quite as us
But we have more important matters to discuss.
But for now let’s put that aside.
So let’s relax to the side and let’s let someone talk from the other side.

Home is a place with family and friends.
Because growing up has lots of twists and bends.
Learning and loving as we go.
Because we care and share as we grow.
Family and friends have a huge roll to play.
Because home is where all of them stay.

Home is about feeling safe, warmth, and belonging.
Because home is where we are staying.
Warmth is also important even if it’s not by a fire.
Safety is just behind warmth but you don’t have to hire.
But in first place is where belonging stands.
But some people might question and have what’s, but’s, if’s, and and’s.

But there is a nasty truth I hate to say.
It’s large and ugly and won’t go away.
It’s a huge homeless statue too annoying to exist.
We can take it down but we’ll need someone to assist.
Habitat for humanity is here to help out.
To help us stop this home drought.

So how how can we fix the mistake we made?
To get rid of it to make it fade.
Oh we know something that will help out.
Habitat for humanity is here to help out because their always on the lookout.
So let’s help out habitat for humanity bring back homes.
And let’s not ignore those that don’t have homes and just roam.